Stupid Wankers Guide to Comic Books

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Retcon: Pastor Poo Poo


This week, we learn what's being taught in Africa all-the-while Greg accosts his uncle about something he's been meaning to ask. So enjoy...

Originally aired Apr. 29th, 2014

Drooling for Daredevil


This week, Ryan won't shut up about Wilson Fisk and Greg won't shut up about Daredevil. Aw, shit, son! We're going to get nerdy in this bitch. So enjoy...

Retcon: Dick Bandits


This week we find out what it takes to smack someone with a dick. So enjoy...

Originally aired Feb. 12th, 2014



This week, sex and tears is the topic. Sounds like Greg had sex again. So enjoy...



This week, we find out what it takes to make a marriage work... The exact opposite of what Greg does. So enjoy...



In honor of the 4 Year Anniversary of this podcast, we bust out the Labeouf of it all and talk about the very first episode of this glorious podcast. So enjoy...

Retcon: Science, Bitch.


This week, never has the field of science heard such sullying since Michele Bachmann tried to say carbon monoxide isn't a dangerous gas. So enjoy...

Originally aired July 24th, 2013

This Day in Gay


This week, Greg reveals what he got Ryan for Christmas and the boys get a correspondent. So enjoy...

Let’s Cuddle


This week, we learn that things are not what they appear to be. So enjoy...

Retcon: Pussy Non Grata


This week we talk about a man who wants to be a dog, a man who puts his head in a cage and a woman with no vagina. No, they don't walk into a bar. So enjoy...

Originally aired Dec. 23, 2013